Does the world need another blog? Not really. However, while I use Facebook to share more personal stuff with my close friends and family, I did not have a place like this to have broad conversations with folks on the mobile industry, Silicon Valley life, Italy, movies, food and other random things. I will try to create and post here entropy that I found interesting.

Shannon's entropy theorem

In information theory, entropy represents a measure of disorder, uncertainty of a certain variable and interestingly it is defined as measure of the minimal information content of a communication. Disorder and synthesis in the same concept.
Let’s start the journey.


About TheFabio

I do not model, punch famous actors or try to catch birds on a roller coaster as my famous homonym. I am re-inventing the in-store experience @ shopkick. Previously built up mobile at Groupon, PayPal. Optimist, builder, coffee drinker.
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