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I do not model, punch famous actors or try to catch birds on a roller coaster as my famous homonym. I am re-inventing the in-store experience @ shopkick. Previously built up mobile at Groupon, PayPal. Optimist, builder, coffee drinker.

Jony fix iTunes design, please!

While iTunes made the success of iPod, over time, it has become hard to navigate, clunky and bloated. Here is why. Continue reading

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What Groupon got right in mobile

Groupon Q4 earnings from last week confirmed how mobile continues to be the bright spot for the company. Groupon embraced mobile from the beginning and mobile became a key growth driver at a time where many web-born companies were still … Continue reading

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Five Lessons Learned On The Road To Mobile First

From Groupon Engineering Blog Mobile is becoming the primary way consumers connect to the internet and consume services, but why are so many web companies struggling to adapt? Treating mobile devices as a channel by just optimizing the web experience … Continue reading

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Does the world need another blog? Not really. However, while I use Facebook to share more personal stuff with my close friends and family, I did not have a place like this to have broad conversations with folks on the … Continue reading

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